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Tired and tight muscles makes life difficult.  Our Percussion Muscle Gun helps relieve your muscle stiffness and speeds up muscle recovery so that you could relax, and recover faster.Booster is a massage gun. Professional & our latest neuromuscular vibration therapy device for muscle pain relief & recovery. Calibrated in a way to help you relax stiff muscles, improve mobility, promote blood circulation and speed up your recovery.



Tired and tight muscles makes life difficult?

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What are percussion therapy device benefits?

The idea behind percussion massage gun is that, by slowly moving percussion massager over various areas of your body muscles you stretch and massage the underlying soft tissues. This should help break up adhesions and scar tissues, which helps release trigger points and relieve pain.

Booster Pro2 can also decrease lactic acid build up. You may ask what is lactic acid in the first place? Well it is a metabolic byproduct, which actually causes muscle fatigue and post-exercise muscle soreness. In other words, your body prefers to generate most of its energy using oxygen. But for example lifting heavy weights require energy production faster than your body can sufficiently deliver that precious oxygen. In those occasions, the working muscles generate energy from glucose. Hence, lactic acid factually forms when your body breaks down carbohydrates to use it for energy when oxygen levels are low. Decreasing lactic acid should speed up muscle healing and recovery process after your workout.

Percussion based Massage Gun can be compared to a foam roller, which in essence uses your body’s natural response to pressure. This pressure helps loosen up tightness in muscles such as thigh, upper back or quadriceps and causes muscle to relax. 

Wrapping this up, vibration massage device benefits include: potentially reduced fatigue, faster muscle recovery and enhanced range of motion. Due to the massage gun being able to promote blood flow and break scar tissue it is not only great device for sport enthusiasts but also for those who does 9-5 office jobs as it can help relax your muscles which became tight from sitting at the desk all day.